Confrontation helped me to reflect more

During the sessions, provoking thoughts as information and reflection of meaning, and integration of spiritual lessons helped me a lot. Doing home work and confrontation helped me to reflect more. You have helped me in almost all of my life’s spheres and issues. I am so thankful to you ma’am, your etiquette and passion to help me really moved me. You are doing a good job. Continue to be a blessing to many. I will reach out to you whenever a need arise. God bless. –  LBL, Psychology Student, Bangalore (Self Improvement)

Focus on my work, boost my confidence

Counselling sessions helped me to do things that I was procrastinating past days which in turn helped me to focus on my work , boost my confidence.- AN, IT analyst, Bangalore.(Self  Improvement)

Realized my priorities

I could explore myself more and the counselling sessions made me realize where I am going wrong. It has made me realize that what my priorities are and how to go about it in life –  MNE, Bangalore (Relational Counselling)

Therapy suggestions are practical

Mrs. Ancy Joe is my personal counsellor. She has been provided her valuable time and services to my family as well. Our last session was through skype, which was no less than a face to face counselling time. I feel she is someone who has taken up counselling not just as her profession but as her passion. She has an innate way of understanding your situation and analysing your ability to cope with the same. Her therapy suggestions are practical and assured to bring about a positive change in life. Try a session with her and you will not go looking for any other- MME, Medical Doctor, Kerala (Self Improvement)

Personal evaluation

The series of counselling sessions helped me to understand my own limitations and how to be self -sufficient. And I learned about choices and consequences in life. Assignments helped me to reflect myself and work on my interpersonal relationships-  IMI, Bangalore.(Self  Improvement)

My mind is free now

Thanks so much for your patience and efforts and time that you have given me. I am thankful to God and to you for giving me an opportunity to take up counselling session with you.  It was very useful and effective.  Now I believe that I can move forward and I am valuable in myself. The counsel that you have given helped me to change my thoughts. I am thinking to continue the counselling and  I need to meet you face to face. You were a blessing in my life. I like your way of approach in counselling. Thanks once again-  CJ, Kerala (Self Improvement)

I am experiencing a lot of freedom

I got to understand myself better. Lot of confusion has gone. I have better clarity about the balance of spirituality and practicality.  Earlier I used to get overwhelmed by simple things, but now I have learned that if I break it down into steps and especially write it down, it will not seem overwhelming or burdensome. I have gained a better understanding about my roles and priorities in life. May you continue to be a blessing to many. May God help you to set people free. Thank you very much-  SM, Pune (Self Improvement)

Self Awareness

Counselling sessions helped me a lot as in gaining insights, understanding of many aspects of life. I could explore more of myself and understand myself better now. It helped me to take better steps in numerous different situations of my life- SB, Bangalore( Relational Counselling)

 Improved my thinking patterns

Counselling sessions were very helpful in terms of dealing with my stressful factors, taking decisions on my future goals and plans. I have improved in my thinking patterns and my confidence level. I have learned so much and I am blessed. May God bless you to touch and heal many people !!Thank you so much- JB, Bangalore (Self Improvement)

I took positive actions

I found all Counselling sessions really helpful. When I understood my problems well, I could face it, accept it and decided to change- TJ, Bangalore (Relational Counselling)

Experienced tremendous peace in my heart

I was faced with the confusion regarding my marriage proposals. Although two to three proposals came up, I was unable to make proper decision regarding this matter. It was then, I thought of having an online counselling session with Ancy Joe. I felt she is the right person. She was approachable and caring.  She tried to understand what I was going through and helped me come out of all sorts of confusion and tension regarding this matter. After talking with her, I felt so much relieved and it boosted my self-confidence after her counselling. And this matter did not bother me again. So I am confident that she is trust worthy- AGT, Canada ( Decision making)

A better perspective of the problem

It has always been that after a counselling I have more confidence in me and how to face the said problem. I have always felt that after talking to Ancy. That’s why I like to have counselling with her. And a better perspective of the problem things which I have difficulty in comprehending. She makes it simple for me to understand in a particular situation- JTY, Kerala (Problem Solving)

Thanks for listening

It was a nice counselling session with Ancy. What I found helpful was really sharing my problems with her because for the past few years I hardly found someone like that. Thanks for listening to me and guiding me- DT, Kerala (Self Improvement)


I simply loved it !

I loved the counselling session very much. It was very helpful, useful and gave me peace of mind. I feel better every time whenever I came for counselling session. I would love to continue so that I have someone to share all my problems whatever happened good or bad in the week. I feel better, relaxed, confident. I don’t feel like to share everything with my family members but I feel free to share with you as my counsellor. I am able to explore myself and find out good things in me (skills, abilities, character). I am able to find out where I am going wrong .I want to approach my life with positive attitude, learn to take responsibility and be strong enough. I feel good after four counselling sessions-  AJ, Bangalore (Adolescent & Parent Counselling)

Child has made a good bonding with the father 

Along with the child, the counselling helped us to improve our family life. It helped us to know our wrong actions in parenting and the improvements to be done. Our child’s interaction with friends and others have improved. The counselling made her to share and speak to others without hesitation. Now the child is taking efforts to read books and draw during idle time instead of wasting time. The sessions were quite good and affordable-  DR, Bangalore (Child & Parent Counselling)

Instilling positive thoughts and courage in us

Counselling sessions gave us the strength and hope during our difficult situations as we felt left with no solution before coming over here. We tried our best to change ourselves in our behaviour at home. Though we are facing some hurdles even now, we are confident to overcome them. This would not have been possible without the Counsellor’s persistent guidance and comforting words – RN & NK, Bangalore (Parental Counselling)


Rebuild my marriage

The four sessions made me to sit with my wife and I was able to restart and rebuild my married life. All sessions were very beneficial for me. I will take action and do something in terms of changing my thinking, feeling and behaviour. Thank you for the support that you gave. God bless you-  NAF, Kochi ( Marital Counselling)

Choose to become responsible

I was blessed by attending the counselling sessions as it made me aware of my strengths and I chose to become a responsible person. I want to commend the counsellor for the ways that she led our sessions, especially the manner of analysis and summary done and the way of speaking softly, gently and lovingly. I found that the counsellor was very attentive to me. I wish to continue with the counselling session, as it helps me to identify my strengths as well as weakness and encourages me to work on my strengths. All sessions were amazing- TJS & AMS, Bangalore (Marital Counselling)

Improvement in our marriage

I think attending the marriage counselling session has helped drastically improve our marriage. It has given me hope which I did not have for a long time. The counsellor helped us to identify how my husband and I went apart after 8 years of marriage and also helped us understand how we can express our love better. I am happy about the way you handled our counselling sessions-  AA & JS, Bangalore (Marital Counselling)


Unique one

It was something different from many other counselling sessions which I have attended. It was well balanced with lecturing and practical work project so that the listeners would not get bored. I loved it- Samuel, Bright School ( Motivate Seminar)

Session was so enriching and effective

I am a student of Mount Carmel Institute Of Management but I am a blogger too. I work as the staff writer of TDG Magazine. The other day, I attended your session on Love Languages.  Your session was so enriching and effective that I decided to write about it because not many know about Love Languages. Thank you for the wonderful workshop- NT, Bangalore (Workshop)