Q1:      I am a Christian. I have the Holy Spirit as my counsellor. So do I need  counselling?

ANS:    Jesus is your Good Shepherd. So do you need pastoral care?

Q2:       Is social net working site a gambling place for teenagers and gossiping  place for adults?

ANS:    Both can be correct if sns is not used with a good purpose

Q3:      Why do you study psychology to do counselling?

ANS:   Medical doctors study medical science to treat the body.

Psychology is the scientific  study of mind to treat the mind.

Q4:     My child is unbearable. What do I do?

ANS:   Please check your Parenting style.

Q5:     At what age is counselling  effective ?

ANS:  At any age, as you decide

Q6:     Is Divorce the ultimate answer to all conflicts in a marriage?

ANS:  What kind of conflict that you cannot resolve in a marriage.

Q7:    Face to Face counselling OR Online Counselling is more effective?

ANS: Both are equally effective .