Ancy Joe is a Counselling Psychologist based in Bangalore, India. She helps her clients live their best life.

She is familiar with human psychology with understanding of counselling,to help clients understand their views of life and learn to reach their self- determined goals. It is accomplished through meaningful and well informed choices to resolve emotional and interpersonal issues.

Her attributes are dedication and commitment to work, willingness to learn, interpersonal skills, and creative thinking. She does counselling in both English and Malayalam.

She is married to Joe Abraham, a Leadership Coach and a Certified Member of the John Maxwell Team (U.S.A). http://joeabrahamlive.com/


M.Sc. Counselling Psychology (2year) – Martin Luther University, Shillong,India

( studied in Global School of Counselling, Bangalore, India)

Bachelor of  Pharmacy (4year) – Bangalore University, Bangalore , India

( studied in K.L.E College of Pharmacy, Bangalore,India)



Mr. Renny Samuel (Dean, Global School of Counselling, Bangalore)

Dr. Darilin Dkhar (Psychiatrist, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bangalore)

Mr. Vinod Victor(CAT Practitioner, Marriage & Family Therapist,Clinical Supervisor,Bangalore)

Mrs. Ciby Mathew (Director, Urban India Ministries, Bangalore)

Dr. Suja Francis (Founder & Senior Dentist,Carmel Clinic, Bangalore)

Dr. Divia Paul (Counselling Psychologist, Director, Yuva Chethana, Bangalore)